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Enhancing Business Relationships

We Deliver...

Professional and friendly services - working in partnership with our clients to fully understand their challenges, help identify their goals and create tailor-made solutions.


With extensive experience in the Defence sector, KANkei consultants help to shape cultural change programmes and enable collaborative working relationships within and between Government and Industry teams.

Housing & Construction

Helping Housing organisations to effectively manage relationships with their supply chain and other key stakeholders, we facilitate change and deliver exceptional leadership and management development training.


Delivering Leadership training and corporate and executive coaching in the Banking Sector, KANkei facilitates the development of skills, resulting in performance, time and cost efficiencies.


We are able to leverage knowledge and experience gained from sport and the corporate world to take you and/or your team to the next level.


Whatever the sector, whatever the business, the "psychology of Success" remains the same. Our services are based on proven success principles, brought to life by our experienced and professional consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?

  • Coaching is a highly powerful and focused developmental tool that enables the client to target key personal objectives in a challenging, open, creative, practical and totally relevant environment.
  • Traditional coaching follows a process of discovery and understanding (Topic, Goals, Reality and Options/Opportunities) and then moves on to goal setting and action planning.
  • It is the best way to ensure behavioural change amongst senior players in a business. The atmosphere is non-threatening and always positive and constructive, allowing for interactive discussion and confidential brain-storming.
  • Coaching is the most effective way to implement personal development objectives. It focuses on the main issues, allowing the solutions to be individualised. These solutions can then be tested and modified on an ongoing basis until the client has the necessary ability and confidence to include them as part of their natural skill set.

Is coaching the same as "teaching"?

  • No, coaching IS about the client learning, but the coach is a facilitator, not a teacher.
  • Coaching is a technique used to unlock potential within a client through active listening and focussed questioning. The coach can provide structure and space to consider a topic in order to achieve a new insight or fresh perspective, but this is not done through "telling", but rather "exploring".

What's the difference between Coaching and Consulting?

  • As consultants we are employed to bring our experience and expertise to the table, advising and making recommendations on strategies, plans and project delivery. Sometimes we are asked to create documents, define actions or deliver audits/reports.
  • As coaches we are asked to facilitate change through tapping in to the talent and potential already embedded within the organisation and guiding staff to discovering and delivering PTC efficiencies.